J. Nell Brown

Writing for the One

My Inspiration

In the end, We've loved every minute of our journey . . . Even the Tears.

A drop of ink may make a million think.
-lord byron


Music inspires me to write my characters' journeys. If you like, take a listen to what I'm listening too. . .

My Writing Partner

As of February 2018, Faith Arabella has been my writing partner for ten years. 
Happy Birthday Faith, my darling! 

A Story is Inspired

To be continued . . .

Characters are Born

To be continued . . .

An Idea is Nurtured

After I wrote my first non-fiction, inspirational book, Shh, My Father is Speaking and I am Listening, my editor asked, "Jeanelle, would you write a young adult series that rivals the creativity of the Harry Potter Series but shows the source of power  (the Macguffin) as originating from the Light (Yeshua) instead of the darkness (wizards, witches, etc.)?" Our kids really need hope."

Selfishly, I gave her an emphatic answer "No. I am an overworked medical doctor. Besides, I don't write fiction." But for  several weeks, she kept asking me. Finally, I consented, "If God gives me a great story and amazing characters, I'll write it."  I was sitting in the office of the Chief of Anesthesia at the Florida hospital I was working at the end of my work day when I made that promise to her over the phone.

Five years later--after many rewrites, much inspiration, tears, sleepless nights, and learning how to write fiction--the Orphan Dreamer saga is here for your enjoyment!