Author of The Orphan Dreamer Saga 

J Nell Brown

Author, Traveller, Dog Mom, and most importantly God's Girl

Writing 16+ Coming-of-Age Adventurous Survival stories that feature an Epic scale, Friendship, Inspiration, Romance, and a Fantastical Twist

One girl. One boy. One mission. 

And together they must protect Earth from an invasion by Earth's previous occupants.

My Motivation to Write

My Inspiration for Life

When I need to Sleep, I listen to God's Creation

Just because I Adore Him

When I Need Power to Navigate Difficult Situations

When I Feel Like I'm Down for the Count

And then I realize, Yep, He's Good

And Then When I Just Want to Rock with Jesus

Her Mission

J. Nell writes fiction that paints a human likeness upon

the faceless and gifts a voice to the voiceless

Where She's From

J. Nell loves living on a peninsula on the east coast of Florida with her fluffy white Maltese dog, Faith.

She's a Nerd

Born in a southern college town, Brown is a self-proclaimed nerd and loves all things scientific.

Her love of science is reflected in her research at Los Alamos National Laboratory, the site for the development of the atomic bomb.

Brown graduated with honors from The University of Florida (U of F) College of Agriculture and received her Medical Doctorate from the same. 

After completing an anesthesia residency at The University of Chicago Hospitals, she practices medicine in Florida.

Her Inspiration

Her relationship with Yeshua (Jesus) mixed with experiences in life, travel, and peoples’ stories blend together to form characters, plots, and geographical settings for her novels. 

Sharing with You My Mom's Favorite Song

So nice to meet you!  Please come back for a visit.

In Christ's Love, J. Nell Brown

Her Story

J. Nell Brown is a best-selling inspirational non-fiction author who transitioned into fiction as well. 

Her Novels

Anne of Green Gables


The Da Vinci Code 

in a story of 

Friendship and Suspense

Her novels are not for the faint of heart.

She writes coming-of-age supernatural thrillers that feature an epic scale and a historical hook. 

Her novels are gut-wrenching and suspenseful while splashed with comedy and sweetness.

She's a novelist who writes to show the raw evil of human nature juxtaposed against the overwhelming redemptive love of the Heart Healer.