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J. Nell Brown

Welcome, Orphan Dreamers! It's time to dream again . . . Let's go on an adventure!

Orphan Dreamer Saga

"A challenging exploration of otherness and self-belief."

Kirkus Reviews

The Orphan Dreamers say this to the Coronavirus . . . 

This is How We Fight Our Battles!

Do not be afraid! 

Be Encouraged!

Click on the Link and Experience Victory! 

-J. Nell Brown

Writing for the One, For when I couldn't walk He carried me.

A star-gazing Book

Research for the Orphan Dreamer Saga

We are living in a historically significant time. Blood moons-known as lunar eclipses that occur in sync with Jewish Holidays-warn of significant events concerning humanity's future.

A How-to Book

Does prayer work?

When it comes to your relationship with God, you probably have many questions: Does He ever really speak to His children? Does He want you to know the plans He has for your life? Can you know that God hears your prayers and will answer your prayers?

The Orphan Dreamer Saga: A Young Adult Supernatural Thriller Series

Could Earth’s apocalypse really be worse than puberty for Daniela Rose—a depressive schizophrenic girl destined to meet a mysterious orphan boy who haunts her chaotic dreams?

One boy. One girl. One mission: to protect their home—Earth—from its previous occupants. If they fail, where will you live?

Born on the same day, an ocean separates them until destiny introduces an orphan boy to a depressive schizophrenic girl inside her chaotic dreams. Is the orphan boy real? If he's not real, does it matter in Earth's fight for survival? 

Meet the Orphan Dreamer, Daniela Rose Cavanaugh—a thirteen-year-old ordinary girl destined for the extraordinary—in the Orphan Dreamer Saga. A transcontinental sweeping love story where ANNE OF GREEN GABLES meets THE DA VINCI CODE in the WAR ROOM, and a twist of fate alters Daniela's dreams, the destiny of an orphan, and the future of humanity in a epic journey that defies time, taking the reader from 1018 B.C. into a future of "what if's."

What if Indiana Jones were a naïve girl born into a close-knit family in the South—a girl destined to solve her own Da Vinci Code, but who would rather simply overcome the provincialism of her community and find her own Anne-of-Green-Gables-style bosom friend?

The ORPHAN DREAMER SAGA is an epic story——told via a seven-novel serial interspersed with seven novellas that intertwine three tales across time and space and reads similar to THIS IS US. This epic eschatological fantastical story weaves an intricate tapestry of divine guidance, faith, isolation, hope, and loss as it follows two children from their beginnings to their ends. If you knew your ending, how would you have lived your beginning?

"It's the start of something amazing."—Heather G.

"This saga has taken me on a roller-coaster ride."—J.M. Leech

"Harry Potter meets The Da Vinci Code meets Indiana Jones . . ." —LA Press Release

"An ostracized girl and an abused boy look for acceptance and survival in an eschatological fantasy from Brown. A challenging exploration of otherness and self-belief."Epic, nicely wrought, evocative. —Kirkus Review

"Epic, nicely wrought, evocative. Compelling. Imaginistic. The author offers a stunningly told tale, very dreamy; religious themes secure this as Christian fiction."—Ellie Maas Davis, Ingram Spark Editorial Review

"The dialogue . . . resonates strongly. . . Brown has steeped its pages in a religiosity and portent that add weight to the difficult subject matter. (Danny Rose's and Cillian's) childhoods make for an uncomfortable telling, but they stick in the mind. For these two characters alone, readers may take a leap of faith."—Kirkus Review

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