J. Nell Brown

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Continue the Orphan Dreamer Adventure 

"An eschatological thriller that makes you feel!"

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A Novel (Episode #4)

Supernatural Thriller, Coming of Age, Young Adult, Epic Adventure spiced with Light Romance and Comedy


Rated G for language, 16+ for theme


Talks about mental Illness

Shows physical abuse


"A thriller that makes you feel." Early Reviewer

In Orphan Tree and the Vanishing Skeleton Key, Daniela Rose, a seventeen-year-old depressive schizophrenic, learns that some dreams should never come true.

Daniela conducts research at the famous Los Alamos National Laboratory while secretly launching on a quest to save Earth from an extraterrestrial invasion. Just normal college-sophomore stuff!

Via the power of the Glass Tattoo, a time-traveling device, she slips through time and explores three realities where she must gather clues necessary to solve an ancient riddle: who is Chi. Xi. Stigma―666, the antichrist―a dark force that plans to eradicate humans by unleashing a ruthless pandemic and instigating World War Three, a.k.a., Armageddon.

Will the Orphan Dreamer―Earth's newest kick-butt Indiana Jones―solve the mystery of an ancient Hebrew statue found inside the ruins of a bombed World War Two church in Hiroshima, Japan? Will she complete this mission in enough time to discover the secrets behind an Apache cave drawing that will help her identify this future tyrant and then stop the antichrist from starting his impending pandemic? 

If she fails, will humanity survive Armageddon―the most deadly war of all times where humans must fight a supernatural army currently hiding on Wormwood?

Find the answers to these questions by reading the ORPHAN TREE and the VANISHING SKELETON KEY: episode four within the Orphan Dreamer epic saga.

The ORPHAN DREAMER SAGA defies time and takes readers from 1018 B.C. into a future of what-ifs.

What if Indiana Jones were a naive girl born into a close-knit African-American family in the South—a girl destined to solve her own DA VINCI CODE but who would rather simply overcome the provincialism of her community and find her own ANNE-OF-GREEN-GABLES-style bosom friend?

The Orphan Dreamer Saga is a seven-novel serial interspersed with seven novellas that intertwines three tales across time and space. This epic story weaves an intricate tapestry of Divine guidance, faith, isolation, hope, and loss as it follows two children from their beginnings to their ends. 


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