J. Nell Brown

Writing for the One

Begin the Orphan Dreamer Adventure 

It’s the start of something amazing . . .

Heather G., A Reader

A Novella (Episode #1)

Coming of Age, Epic Adventure spiced with Light Romance and Comedy 

Rating: PG-13


Talks about mental Illness 

Talks about a friend's death

Talks about suicide

Synopsis: One boy. One girl. One mission—protect their home—Earth—from its previous occupants. If they fail, where will you live?

Meet the girl—Daniela Rose Cavanaugh—in ORPHAN DREAMER and the MISSING ARROWHEAD when destiny chooses a thirteen-year-old depressive schizophrenic to bring order to Earth's chaos. 


Miracles usually are.

Start the Orphan Dreamer Saga—a seven-novel serial interspersed with seven novellas that intertwines three tales across time and space. This epic story weaves an intricate tapestry of Divine guidance, faith, isolation, hope, and loss as it follows two children from their beginnings to their ends. Born on the same day, an ocean separates them until destiny introduces an orphan boy to a depressive schizophrenic girl inside her chaotic dreams. Is the orphan boy real? If he's not real, does it matter?