J. Nell Brown

Writing for the One

My Mission

Writing in order to paint a human likeness upon
the faceless and gift a voice to the voiceless
through the medium of fiction

Where I'm From

J. Nell loves living on a peninsula on the east coast of Florida with her fluffy white Maltese dog, Faith.

I'm a Nerd

Brown is a self-proclaimed nerd and loves all things scientific.

Her love of science is demonstrated by her research at Los Alamos National Laboratory, the site for the development of the atomic bomb. 

Brown graduated with honors from The University of Florida (U of F) College of Agriculture and received her Medical Doctorate from the same. After completing an anesthesia residency at The University of Chicago Hospitals, she practices medicine in Florida.

My Inspiration

Her relationship with Yeshua mixed with experiences in life, travel, and peoples’ stories blend together to form characters, plots, and geographical settings for her novels.